Together Towards Excellence
Bio-vet (Pvt.) Ltd is a complete solution provider for the poultry Industry. The company started its operations in 1978 by importing veterinary drugs and vaccines from world-renowned manufacturers. The company has grown and expanded its operations. It presently deals in poultry feed ingredients, feed machinery, poultry processing machinery, further foods processing machinery, Food Ingredients and environment control systems for green houses poultry and dairy farms. The company is exclusive representative of many world-renowned manufacturers.

Mission statement
At Bio-vet, we make every effort to value and synchronize the needs and demands of our partners and customers.

We optimally utilize our resources in order to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction, while maximizing company growth with high quality global standing and generating a competitive economic return for our partners and employees.

Bio-vet (Pvt) Ltd comprises of three divisions including Feed Division, Animal Health Division and Automation Division:

1. Feed Division
This division deals in poultry feed ingredients including:
❱ Antibiotics
❱ Anticoccidials
❱ Anti oxidants
❱ Mould inhibitors
❱ Growth Promoters

Bio-vet is an exclusive agent of all these products which are manufactured in different parts of the world.

2. Animal Health Division
This division provides medicine to maintain the health of the poultry.
❱ Disinfectants for poultry houses and hatcheries
❱ Immune stalemates
❱ Vitamin premixes for home mixers
❱ Water soulable vitamin and electrolyte mix

Bio-vet is the exclusive representative of these products from different parts of the world.

3. Automation Division
This division solely represents the following well-known international companies in Pakistan:

❱ Meyn Food Technology:
Bio-vet is exclusive distributor of the world leader in poultry processing equipment manufacturing company i.e. Meyn Food Technology of the Netherlands.
❱ VAL-CO Group:
VAL-CO is the world\'s leading manufacturer of complete solution for green houses, poultry & dairy. Biovet and VAL-CO have recently setup a joint venture with the name of VAL-CO Pakistan.
❱ Priva Climoagri:
Priva is one of the leaders in heating system for green houses and poultry houses.
❱ La-Meccanica S.R.l. Di Reffo:
La Meccanica is an Italian company which produces feed machinery for the animal industry. It specializes in the production of dies for all the main brands of pellet mills: CPM, Buhler, UMT-Paladin, Van Aarsen, Salmatec, Matador, Chia Tung, A vast experience in the manufacturing of dies and roller-shells ensures our customers top quality and reliable service.
Its equipment is very popular in poultry feed industry of Pakistan.
❱ C.F.S:
Convenience Food Systems of Holland is one of best brand in Further Foods machinery manufacturer in the World.
❱ General Shelters:
Bio-vet is also representing one of the world\'s best brands in Evaporative Cooling Pads i.e. KUUL by General Shelter of USA.
❱ Poss Separators:
Poss is a leader in the designing and manufacturing of high quality advanced meat recovery systems to build, improve and maintain state-of-the-art processing equipment for the food industry
❱ Dutch Protein Services:
Dutch Protein Services offer tailor made ingredients for the food industry. You can be assured that these products are made with utmost care and total discretion. DPS products range include: Mix Spices
Tumbling Mixes
Emulsifiers and Stabilizers
Animal & Vegetable Proteins
Top Coating

To know more about Bio-Vet, visit http://biovet.pk/